Feature - Email Tracking for recruiters

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Recruiting doesn’t end with clicking send!

You send a lot of emails to potential candidates and have no idea about what happens after you click send.

Our solution goes beyond the vanity metrics.

Candidate Demographics
  1. Know the date/time of the open, re-read and clicks
  2. Discover the candidates approximate physical location
  3. Browser Capabilities
  4. The Client-side IP Address
  5. Operating system and version
  6. Device Type Identifier
  7. Screen resolution
  8. Any relative cookies
Benefits to Recruiters

Better time your cold-calls

Rather than the typical cold-call. Imagine with being able to follow up knowing the candidate read the email?

Save time

Analytics Feature.

Should you reconsider your design?

Mobile open rate, click-through rate

Competitive Advantage

Since you know that someone opened and viewed the message, you can think of another step faster. This benefit can lead to competitive advantages. You can make a new strategy that will convince your clients more.